About WordWield

WordWield is a side-project I made after seeing the flood of AI writing tools hit the market.

I see 5+ new content generation tools per day that I've never heard of. Spoiler alert: they all do the same exact thing, with varying levels of pricing insanity to boot.

So, what are all of these tools doing?

They're basically just putting a wrapper around their LLM of choice. You can do what these writing tools do inside of Chat-GPT directly.

You can go through step by step with GPT, generate and finetune an outline, ask it to create content section by section, and string all of the output together at the end.

These tools just provide an (arguably) easier way to do that - instead of prompting GPT yourself, you have form fields to fill out. Doesn't everyone love form fields?

These writing tools then take your input, append it to some premade prompts, and shoot it all over to the openAI API bit by bit. In this way they programmatically generate a complete article for you.

Now, there are a few that do the bare minimum and provide you with something beyond a plain GPT wrapper.

Several of them will scrape the SERPs, perform some TF-IDF or NLP analysis on the top 10 results, and augment their prompts with that info.

But most of them aren't doing anything beyond simply prompting GPT with your info and returning whatever the LLM spits back out.

Most of these are cash-grabs that you shouldn't be paying for.

I made this one to show how easy it can be. I am not a programmer by trade and have a rudimentary understanding of most frameworks, but this took me all of 2 days to get together with the help of GPT-4.

If you just want to whip up a local python script to do text gen for you without a real UI, you can stand something up even faster.

During this wild-west of AI development, there will be an endless supply of "shovel sellers" hawking overpriced and underperformant products that leverage "AI." Instead of paying those 8 $20/mo SAAS subscriptions, why not build custom versions yourself?